Confections by Natassia

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I have always had a strong desire to create things, and even as a small child, I've constantly sought out ways to fuel my creative nature and mind.  This creative drive, as well as my passion for the culinary arts, naturally led me to baking and creating custom cakes and desserts.  Confections by Natassia was founded by a desire to share my passion with others, by providing memorable cakes and desserts for all those special celebratory occasions in life.  

Confections by Natassia understands that not only should your cakes and desserts look good, they need to taste just as good.  We strive to use only the highest quality ingredients, oftentimes using local, organic, and always fresh.  All of our cakes, desserts, frosting, fillings, decorations, and toppers are made from scratch. No boxed cakes, no store bought icings, no cut corners.